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/* menus.h                                               */
/* Copyright (c) 2002  Tim Edwards, Johns Hopkins University               */

/* Hierarchical menus must be listed in bottom-up order                    */
/* Note:  underscore (_) before name denotes a color to paint the button.  */
/*      colon (:) before name denotes a stipple, defined by the data       */
/*              passed to setfill().                           */

#ifdef _MENUDEP

#define submenu(a)      a, (sizeof (a) / sizeof(menustruct)), NULL, NULL
#define action(b,c)     NULL, 0, NULL, NULL
#define setaction(b,c)  NULL, 1, NULL, NULL
#define toolaction(b,c) NULL, NULL
#define noaction        NULL, 0, NULL, NULL

#else                   /* real definitions. . .*/

#define submenu(a)      a, (sizeof (a) / sizeof(menustruct)), \
                  (XtCallbackProc)DoNothing, NULL
#define action(b,c)     NULL, 0, (XtCallbackProc)b, c
#define setaction(b,c)  NULL, 1, (XtCallbackProc)b, c
#define toolaction(b,c) (XtCallbackProc)b, c
#define noaction  NULL, 0, (XtCallbackProc)DoNothing, NULL


/* Inclusions for pixmap icons */

#include "tool_bar.h"

/* Things commented out here are reminders of future implementations. */

menustruct Fonts[] = {
      {"Add New Font", action(addnewfont, NULL)},
      {" ", noaction},

/* Note the unorthodox passing of integer constants through type pointer */

menustruct FontStyles[] = {
      {"Normal", setaction(fontstyle, Number(0))},
      {"Bold", action(fontstyle, Number(1))},
      {"Italic", action(fontstyle, Number(2))},
      {"BoldItalic", action(fontstyle, Number(3))},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Subscript", action(addtotext, Number(SUBSCRIPT))},
      {"Superscript", action(addtotext, Number(SUPERSCRIPT))},
      {"Normalscript", action(addtotext, Number(NORMALSCRIPT))},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Underline", action(addtotext, Number(UNDERLINE))},
      {"Overline", action(addtotext, Number(OVERLINE))},
      {"No line", action(addtotext, Number(NOLINE))},

menustruct FontEncodings[] = {
      {"Standard", setaction(fontencoding, Number(0))},
      {"ISO-Latin1", action(fontencoding, Number(2))},

menustruct TextSpacing[] = {
      {"Tab stop", action(addtotext, Number(TABSTOP))},
      {"Tab forward", action(addtotext, Number(TABFORWARD))},
      {"Tab backward", action(addtotext, Number(TABBACKWARD))},
      {"Carriage Return", action(addtotext, Number(RETURN))},
      {"1/2 space", action(addtotext, Number(HALFSPACE))},
      {"1/4 space", action(addtotext, Number(QTRSPACE))},
      {"Kern", action(getkern, NULL)},
      {"Character", action(addtotext, Number(SPECIAL))},

menustruct Justifs[] = {
      {"Left Justified", setaction(sethjust, Number(NORMAL))},
      {"Center Justified", action(sethjust, Number(NOTLEFT))},
      {"Right Justified", action(sethjust, Number(NOTLEFT | RIGHT))},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Top Justified", action(setvjust, Number(NOTBOTTOM | TOP))},
      {"Middle Justified", action(setvjust, Number(NOTBOTTOM))},
      {"Bottom Justified", setaction(setvjust, Number(NORMAL))},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Flip Invariant", setaction(setflipinv, Number(FLIPINV))},
menustruct BoxEditStyles[] = {
      {"Manhattan Box Edit", setaction(boxedit, Number(MANHATTAN))},
      {"Rhomboid X", action(boxedit, Number(RHOMBOIDX))},
      {"Rhomboid Y", action(boxedit, Number(RHOMBOIDY))},
      {"Rhomboid A", action(boxedit, Number(RHOMBOIDA))},
      {"Normal", action(boxedit, Number(NORMAL))},

menustruct GridStyles[] = {
      {"Decimal Inches", action(getgridtype, Number(DEC_INCH))},
      {"Fractional Inches", setaction(getgridtype, Number(FRAC_INCH))},
      {"Centimeters", action(getgridtype, Number(CM))},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Drawing Scale", action(getdscale, NULL)},

menustruct Libraries[] = {
      {"Add New Library", action(newlibrary, NULL)},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Library 1", action(startcatalog, Number(LIBRARY))},
      {"Library 2", action(startcatalog, Number(LIBRARY + 1))},

menustruct Pages[] = {
      {"Add New Page", action(newpagemenu, Number(255))},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Page 1", action(newpagemenu, Number(0))},
      {"Page 2", action(newpagemenu, Number(1))},
      {"Page 3", action(newpagemenu, Number(2))},
      {"Page 4", action(newpagemenu, Number(3))},
      {"Page 5", action(newpagemenu, Number(4))},
      {"Page 6", action(newpagemenu, Number(5))},
      {"Page 7", action(newpagemenu, Number(6))},
      {"Page 8", action(newpagemenu, Number(7))},
      {"Page 9", action(newpagemenu, Number(8))},
      {"Page 10", action(newpagemenu, Number(9))}

menustruct BorderStyles[] = {
      {"Linewidth", action(getwwidth, NULL)},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Solid", setaction(setline, Number(NORMAL))},
      {"Dashed", action(setline, Number(DASHED))},
      {"Dotted", action(setline, Number(DOTTED))},
      {"Unbordered", action(setline, Number(NOBORDER))},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Closed", action(setclosure, Number(UNCLOSED))}, 
      {"Bounding Box", action(makebbox, Number(BBOX))},

menustruct Colors[] = {
      {"Add New Color", action(addnewcolor, NULL)},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Inherit Color", setaction(setcolor, Number(1))},
      {"_Black", action(setcolor, NULL)},
      {"_White", action(setcolor, NULL)},

menustruct Parameterize[] = {
      {"Substring", action(startparam, Number(P_SUBSTRING))},
      {"Position", action(startparam, Number(P_POSITION))},
      {"Style", action(startparam, Number(P_STYLE))},
      {"Justification", action(startparam, Number(P_JUSTIFY))},
      {"Start Angle", action(startparam, Number(P_ANGLE1))},
      {"End Angle", action(startparam, Number(P_ANGLE2))},
      {"Radius", action(startparam, Number(P_RADIUS))},
      {"Minor Axis", action(startparam, Number(P_MINOR_AXIS))},
      {"Rotation", action(startparam, Number(P_ROTATION))},
      {"Scale", action(startparam, Number(P_SCALE))},
      {"Linewidth", action(startparam, Number(P_LINEWIDTH))},

menustruct Stipples[] = {
      {":Black",  action(setfill, Number(OPAQUE | FILLED | FILLSOLID))},
      {":Gray12", action(setfill, Number(OPAQUE | FILLED | STIP2 | STIP1))},
      {":Gray25", action(setfill, Number(OPAQUE | FILLED | STIP2 | STIP0))},
      {":Gray37", action(setfill, Number(OPAQUE | FILLED | STIP2))},
      {":Gray50", action(setfill, Number(OPAQUE | FILLED | STIP0 | STIP1))},
      {":Gray62", action(setfill, Number(OPAQUE | FILLED | STIP1))},
      {":Gray75", action(setfill, Number(OPAQUE | FILLED | STIP0))},
      {":Gray87", action(setfill, Number(OPAQUE | FILLED))},
      {":White", setaction(setfill, Number(FILLSOLID))},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Opaque", action(setopaque, Number(OPAQUE))},
      {"Transparent", setaction(setopaque, Number(NORMAL))},

menustruct TextMenu[] = {
      {"Text Size", action(gettsize, &areastruct.textscale)},
      {"Font", submenu(Fonts)},
      {"Style", submenu(FontStyles)},
      {"Encoding", submenu(FontEncodings)},
      {"Insert", submenu(TextSpacing)},             
      {"Justification (keypad)", submenu(Justifs)},
      {"Parameterize", action(startparam, Number(P_SUBSTRING))},
      {"Unparameterize", action(startunparam, Number(P_SUBSTRING))},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Make Label (t)", action(starttext, Number(NORMAL))},

menustruct PolyMenu[] = {
      {"Border", submenu(BorderStyles)},
      {"Fill", submenu(Stipples)},
      {"Color", submenu(Colors)},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Object size", action(getosize, NULL)},
      {"Parameters", submenu(Parameterize)},
      {"Center Object", setaction(toggle, &areastruct.center)},
      {"Manhattan Draw", action(toggle, &areastruct.manhatn)},
      {"Polygon Edit", submenu(BoxEditStyles)},

menustruct FilterMenu[] = {
      {"Labels", setaction(selectfilter, Number(LABEL))},
      {"Objects", setaction(selectfilter, Number(OBJECT))},
      {"Polygons", setaction(selectfilter, Number(POLYGON))},
      {"Arcs", setaction(selectfilter, Number(ARC))},
      {"Splines", setaction(selectfilter, Number(SPLINE))},
      {"Paths", setaction(selectfilter, Number(PATH))},

menustruct RotateMenu[] = {
      {"Flip Horizontal (f)", action(startrotate, Number(512))},
      {"Flip Vertical (F)", action(startrotate, Number(1024))},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Rotate CW 90", action(startrotate, Number(90))},
      {"Rotate CW 45", action(startrotate, Number(45))},
      {"Rotate CW 30", action(startrotate, Number(30))},
      {"Rotate CW 15 (r)", action(startrotate, Number(15))},
      {"Rotate CW 5 (o)", action(startrotate, Number(3))},
      {"Rotate CW 1", action(startrotate, Number(1))},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Rotate CCW 90", action(startrotate, Number(-90))},
      {"Rotate CCW 45", action(startrotate, Number(-45))},
      {"Rotate CCW 30", action(startrotate, Number(-30))}, 
      {"Rotate CCW 15 (R)", action(startrotate, Number(-15))},
      {"Rotate CCW 5 (O)", action(startrotate, Number(-5))},
      {"Rotate CCW 1", action(startrotate, Number(-1))},

menustruct GridMenu[] = {
      {"Grid", setaction(toggle, &areastruct.gridon)},
      {"Axes", setaction(toggle, &areastruct.axeson)},
      {"Grid spacing", action(getgridspace, NULL)},
      {"Grid type/display", submenu(GridStyles)},

menustruct SnapMenu[] = {
      {"Snap-to", setaction(toggle, &areastruct.snapto)},
        {"Snap spacing", action(getsnapspace, NULL)},

#ifdef SCHEMA
menustruct PinConvert[] = {
      {"Normal label", action(dopintype, Number(NORMAL))},
      {"Local Pin", action(dopintype, Number(LOCAL))},
      {"Global Pin", action(dopintype, Number(GLOBAL))},
      {"Info label", action(dopintype, Number(INFO))},

menustruct SchemaMenu[] = {
      {"Make Pin (T)", action(starttext, Number(LOCAL))},
      {"Make Info Pin (I)", action(starttext, Number(INFO))},
      {"Make Global Pin (G)", action(starttext, Number(GLOBAL))},
      {"Convert Label to...", submenu(PinConvert)},
      {"Pin Visibility", action(setpinvisible, Number(PINVISIBLE))},
/*    {"Make Object Non-Schematic", action(maketrivial, NULL)}, */
      {"Make Matching Symbol", action(dobeforeswap, NULL)},
      {"Associate with Symbol", action(startschemassoc, Number(1))},
      {"Highlight Connectivity", action(startconnect, NULL)},
      {"Auto-number Components", action(callgennet, Number(4))},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Write spice", action(callgennet, Number(0))},
      {"Write flattened spice", action(callgennet, Number(3))},
      {"Write sim", action(callgennet, Number(1))},
      {"Write pcb", action(callgennet, Number(2))},

menustruct WindowMenu[] = {
      {"Zoom In (Z)", action(zoominrefresh, NULL)},
      {"Zoom Out (z)", action(zoomoutrefresh, NULL)},
      {"Zoom Box", action(zoombox, NULL)},
      {"Full View (v)", action(zoomview, NULL)},
      {"Center Pan (p)",action(centerpan, NULL)},
      {"Refresh ( )", action(refresh, NULL)},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Library Directory (L)", action(startcatalog, Number(LIBLIB))},
      {"Goto Library", submenu(Libraries)},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Page Directory (P)", action(startcatalog, Number(PAGELIB))},
      {"Goto Page", submenu(Pages)}

menustruct FileMenu[] = {
      {"Read Xcircuit File", action(getfile, Number(NORMAL))},
      {"Import Xcircuit PS", action(getfile, Number(IMPORT))},
      {"Import background PS", action(getfile, Number(PSBKGROUND))},
      {"Execute script", action(getfile, Number(SCRIPT))},
      {"Write Xcircuit PS (W)", action(outputpopup, NULL)},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Add To Library", action(getlib, NULL)},
      {"Load New Library", action(getuserlib, NULL)},
      {"Save Library", action(savelibpopup, Number(0))},
      {" ", noaction},
        {"Clear Page", action(resetbutton, NULL)},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Quit", action(quitcheck, NULL)},

menustruct OptionMenu[] = {
      {"Alt Colors", action(inversecolor, &areastruct.invert)},
      {"Show Bounding box", action(toggle, &areastruct.bboxon)},
      {"Edit in place", setaction(toggle, &areastruct.editinplace)},
#ifdef SCHEMA
      {"Show Pin Positions", action(toggle, &areastruct.pinpointon)},
      {"Enable XSchema", action(doxschema, Number(1))},
#ifdef HAVE_XPM
      {"Disable Toolbar", action(dotoolbar, NULL)},
      {"Grid", submenu(GridMenu)},
      {"Snap-to", submenu(SnapMenu)},
      {"Global Linewidth", action(getwirewidth, NULL)},
      {"Elements", submenu(PolyMenu)},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Help!", action(starthelp, NULL)},

menustruct EditMenu[] = {
      {"Delete (d)", action(startdelete, NULL)},
      {"Undelete (u)", action(xc_undelete, Number(DRAW))},
      {"Copy (c)", action(startcopy, NULL)},
      {"Edit (e)", action(startedit, NULL)},
      {"Rotate/Flip", submenu(RotateMenu)},
      {"Deselect (x)", action(startdesel, NULL)},
      {"Select filter", submenu(FilterMenu)},
/*    {"Array", noaction}, */
      {"Push selected (>)", action(startpush, NULL)},
      {"Pop hierarchy (<)", action(popobject, Number(0))},
      {" ", noaction},
      {"Make User Object (m)", action(selectsave, NULL)},
      {"Make Arc (a)", action(startarc, NULL)},
      {"Make Box (b)", action(startbox, NULL)},
      {"Make Spline (s)", action(startspline, NULL)},
      {"Join (j)", action(join, NULL)},

menustruct TopButtons[] = {
      {"File", submenu(FileMenu)},
      {"Edit", submenu(EditMenu)},
      {"Text", submenu(TextMenu)},
      {"Options", submenu(OptionMenu)},
      {"Window", submenu(WindowMenu)},
#ifdef SCHEMA
      {"Netlist", submenu(SchemaMenu)},

short maxbuttons = sizeof(TopButtons) / sizeof(menustruct);

#ifdef HAVE_XPM
/* Toolbar buttons */
toolbarstruct ToolBar[] = {
      {"Box",    b_xpm,  toolaction(startbox, NULL),
            "draw box"},
      {"Arc",    a_xpm,  toolaction(startarc, NULL),
            "draw arc"},
      {"Spline", s_xpm,  toolaction(startspline, NULL),
            "draw spline"},
      {"Text",   t_xpm,  toolaction(starttext, Number(NORMAL)),
            "enter text"},
      {"Copy",   cp_xpm, toolaction(startcopy, NULL),
            "copy element"},
      {"Edit",   e_xpm,  toolaction(startedit, NULL),
            "edit element"},
      {"Delete", d2_xpm, toolaction(startdelete, NULL),
            "delete element"},
      {"RotP",   cw_xpm, toolaction(startrotate, Number(3)),
            "rotate 15 degrees clockwise"},
      {"RotN",  ccw_xpm, toolaction(startrotate, Number(-3)),
            "rotate 15 degrees counterclockwise"},
      {"HFlip",  fx_xpm, toolaction(startrotate, Number(512)),
            "flip horizontal"},
      {"VFlip",  fy_xpm, toolaction(startrotate, Number(1024)),
            "flip vertical"},
      {"Push",  pu2_xpm, toolaction(startpush, NULL),
            "push (edit object)"},
      {"Pop",   po2_xpm, toolaction(popobject, Number(0)),
            "pop (return from object edit)"},
      {"Make",   mk_xpm, toolaction(selectsave, NULL),
            "make an object from selected elements"},
      {"Join",   pz_xpm, toolaction(join, NULL),
            "join elements into polygon or path"},
      {"Unjoin", uj_xpm, toolaction(unjoin, NULL),
            "separate path into elements"},
      {"Colors", co_xpm, toolaction(color_popup, NULL),
            "set color"},
      {"Border", bd_xpm, toolaction(border_popup, NULL),
            "set border and line properties"},
      {"Fills",  fi_xpm, toolaction(fill_popup, NULL),
            "set fill properties"},
      {"Parameters", pm_xpm,  toolaction(param_popup, NULL),
            "parameterize properties"},
      {"Library",li_xpm, toolaction(changecat, NULL),
            "go to next library"},
      {"Libdir", yp_xpm, toolaction(startcatalog, Number(LIBLIB)),
            "go to library directory"},
      {"Pagedir",pl_xpm, toolaction(startcatalog, Number(PAGELIB)),
            "go to page directory"},
      {"ZoomI",  z4_xpm, toolaction(zoominrefresh, NULL),
            "zoom in"},
      {"ZoomO",  z5_xpm, toolaction(zoomoutrefresh, NULL),
            "zoom out"},
      {"Help",   i_xpm,  toolaction(starthelp, NULL),
            "pop up help window"},

short toolbuttons = sizeof(ToolBar) / sizeof(toolbarstruct);

#undef submenu
#undef action
#undef setaction
#undef toolaction
#undef noaction


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